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Patients With Sinus Involvement

As you have already been told, you have either an opening between your mouth and maxillary sinus (an air filled space above your back upper teeth) or only a thin membrane separating the two. In order to facilitate healing it is important that you follow some additional post-operative instructions until told to do otherwise (usually 10 days – 2 weeks):

  1. Do not blow your nose.
  2. Do not drink through a straw.
  3. If you have to sneeze, open your mouth.
  4. Refrain from smoking for 2 weeks.
  • In addition to the prescription medications, use Afrin nasal spray 2 sprays in each nostril twice a day as needed for nasal congestion. If you can not use Afrin please let us know so that we may suggest an alternative. Afrin can be used alternating for 3 days on and 3 days off.
  • Sudafed 30-60 mg every 6 hours or Sudafed PE 10 mg every 4 hours.
    • use as needed
    • use by the clock
  • Mucinex over the counter.
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